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Exerpt from Fonzarelli:

"Hey there, new guy!

You know what your problem is? You aren't MANLY enough.
The Sith Academy had you learn to channel your hatred, blah, blah!
What's the point of trying to achieve "unlimited power" if you don't help others aspire to be great?
What's the point of a Bounty Hunter who only works for the credits, when he has no true friends?

I'm going to tell you right now, we are going to stick it to the Republic, then laugh at them afterward!
Why? Because we can!
We will go up against impossible odds, and reach for the heavens, simply because we want to challenge ourselves!
With fighting spirit, we can achieve anything!

So, get out there, enjoy the comraderie of DARK FORCE RISING!"
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Guild Culture

Fonzarelli, Jan 19, 12 12:43 AM.
<Dark Force Rising> is a laid-back guild for socializing while you have fun playing The Old Republic.
We focus equally on both interaction with our guildies, but also RP.

Every member is given a "guild Holocomm" to communicate with the rest of the guild. This is done in a separate channel and allows us to interact with each other In-Character, while allowing those who don't want to RP at that time to just use the Guild chat OOC.

The guild mantra and style is campy. This guild is designed to allow people to RP as over-the-top characters. If you want the more "traditional" stoic, emotionless Jedi, or the overtly angry yet calm Sith, there are plenty of guilds out there that let you do that. We here at DARK FORCE RISING are characters that reach for the heavens and shoot for the impossible.

The most important guild rule though: Have fun!

is born!

Fonzarelli, Jan 18, 12 7:20 AM.
<FONZI SCHEME> officially started up on 17 January 2012.
This is a great day for us all!
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